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About - Mastering Arts and Charts

We’re creating a space where aspiring writers can connect and share what they’ve learned from studying the masters so that they can be masters of tomorrow.

Our Mission

We want to provide aspiring authors of the modern instant gratification era a leg up so they can begin where the modern masters began in the pre-instant gratification era.

There’s an abundance of great advice writing advice online from the best authors in the world. The problem is that those writers do not understand how it feels to be an up and coming author today.

It feels as if everything is already written, while social media, and instantly gratifying distractions make it feel impossible to be productive enough to even practice the advice they gave.

While they lived in an era where they had to get books from the library which helped them socialize, and still have space to read back home, allowing them to build good habits, we live in an era where we have everyone in our neighborhood living in our hand.

Yet, we still feel so lonely, so we indulge in all these distracting things; music, movies, series, and social media.

This leads to horrible mental health issues we suffer, and more, it means our passions for writing are smothered, and we never get time to practice what we learn, if we even manage to push ourselves to go watch the writing tutorials.

That’s what we are here to combat.

We created this space where you can learn not only writing tips, but also tips to allow you to be more productive, scientifically tested tips to help your mental health, and time management tips to allow you to better use your time.

Above all, you will be getting this advice from peers, and you too can give your own piece of advice if you’ve learned anything.

Together, we will be the Olympians who overthrow the Titans.


Our Story

Our story has 2 possible beginnings; the cool one, and the real one.

The cool story starts with a man who has 14 years of experience telling stories who has won a few writing competitions, and who even managed to get an agent with his 2nd written book.

The real story is that this is a 22 year old, who won some high school and college writing competitions, and ran away from that first agent from anxiety and insecurity about his writing skills.

However, he absolutely had finished writing his book, and for a long time, he’d always been able to write and finish 300,000 word books, having completed 11 books by 20. So his friend asked him to help her write and finish her book.

As he taught her, he found that he was learning a lot. Their plotting, outlining, character work, prose and even their publishing knowledge knowledge was getting better. This was because they would each bring what writing advice they knew. They’d write it down together, discussing what they’ve learned.

But then, things went sideways. She had to leave, and the laptop they kept all their work on was destroyed.

After deciding to stop feeling sorry for himself, he decided to build a new library of knowledge. This time bigger, and more detailed. Also, he placed it all online. This way, he will never lose the information again, and also, he will get even more people to join him.


Our Values And The Master Way

We have 4 main company values; community, productivity, creativity and fun.

In order to make sure each of these are met, we use the Mastering Way. We have a book that summarizes all that we teach on productivity, writing, and publishing.

This book’s principles are further expanded by our YouTube Videos, which can go into more details. Finally, our YouTube videos are further expanded by our articles. They are even more extensive, and have actionable steps to follow.

Finally, all of this is tied together by you.

If you have advice to add to the book, you can email us. Respond to the YouTube video in the comments, telling which principles and techniques work for you, which don’t.

If there is someone lost, take the time to explain, as we will to you if we get a chance. On the blog, tell where we go wrong, and how the experience could be improved for you. Also, tell us what unintended positive outcome you got.

To test if we have delivered on our promises, look if you:

  1. Community- Receive support, and advice on the issues you voiced. Also, if you find yourself looking forward to the next time we will meet as much as we are.
  2. Productivity- Have finally managed to finish writing a book.
  3. Creativity- Can see a gradual improvement in your prose work, character work, plotting, and general writing skills with each passing chapter.
  4. Fun- Are spending hours watching your favorite shows, reading your favorite books, and talking about them with all the new friends you made.

If you are doing these 4 things, then can you really say you aren’t on your way to mastering mastery?

Everyone has a specific spot where they are weakest. To find out your own, you can click here.