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This is How Many Fans Anime has Now, And Why It's About to Explode - Mastering Arts and Charts

Anime is popular all over the world today, and that we probably have not see anything yet.

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There are a combined … million fans of anime in the world today. The country with the highest number of anime fans is Japan. The country with the second most fans of anime in the world is the United States Of America. The third spot is taken by … The combined might of just these three amounts to … fans of anime in the world. There are also projections that show anime is going to rise by … within …

All these stats put together paint a pretty definitive picture: anime is going to shoot up in the future. So what can we expect to see when that happens?

Anime’s rise is going to cause a rise of anime produced by non-Japanese countries.

Already we are seeing that there is anime coming from countries outside of Japan. There is another rise of mangaka from non-Japanese countries. All together, this points to an explosion of diversity in the anime world which will definitely shift global culture in a way we have not seen maybe since Hip Hop.

In This Article, we will be discussing exactly how these things are expected to go down:

Table of Contents

    How Many Anime Fans are There?

    There are 2.88 billion fans of anime in the world. This is according to a report that came from 2021.

    That means at least 36% of the viewers worldwide enjoyed watching anime in 2021, which is not all too surprising.

    Unlike many cartoons out there, anime is not just draw people, but it tends to go an extra mile to make them extra attractive. This is seen through the sexualizing elements, but also through the hyper masculine elements. On top of that, anime is easily accessible. Today you can easily stream anime from your phone, laptop, and even TV, allowing you to access anime easily. Additionally, you can access anime portably, allowing you to watch anime everywhere you go. Unfortunately, this leads to the last point.

    Anime is addictive.

    We’ve spoken before about the addictive elements of anime. In summary, there is nothing wrong with watching anime, even extreme amounts. But there is something wrong when you watch anime in the time you are supposed to be doing something important, even if it is one episode.

    Together, this creates a situation where anime becomes so addictive that it could lead consumers down a dark path.

    Anime connects to people’s psychology. It paints out a Carl Jungian experience. Thus making it resonate with people from all over the world. In this way, anime manages to be exciting to the people who watch it.

    Which Countries love Anime and Why?

    The countries that love anime the most are Japan at number 1, the United States of America at Number 2, and the Philippines at number 3.

    Japan has the highest number of anime watching people, with 75.87 % of Japanese watching anime. That is 63.2 million people.

    This is understandable, because Japan is the place where anime comes from anyway. Coming in at number 2 is the United States Of America. In the United States, the percentage of population who watch anime is 71.86 %. This then means 167.6 million of Americans watch anime. In this case, it means that there are more watchers of anime in the United States than in America, which is a feat repeated only by Brazil at fifth place. In Brazil 55.78% of the people watch anime, which is about 107.9 million.

    The third place goes to the Philippines.

    In the Philippines, 70.58% of the people watch anime. This means that 56.2 million of the people watch anime. In this way, Philippines wins the third place because of the percentage of people in the country who watch the anime, rather than the numerical value of the people.

    How to Connect With The Fandoms of Your Country

    The best ways for you to connect with the fandoms of your respective country is through social media, stores that sell anime merchandises, and anime based events.

    The best place for people to look for anime fandoms is probably online.

    Looking for anime online allows you to do the widest search of people. Physically, you can only move to so many places. This restriction is completely removed when you go to the internet, because there you can connect to people from all over the country. Additionally, social media allows you to do this quickly. So using Instagram, YouTube, and things like Twitter to make friends will be the best course of action for you.

    The second place you can look for other fandoms is from anime stores.

    The best place to find anime fans is stores that sell anime merchandises. You can befriend one of the people who go there. You could also befriend the people who work there, and they could introduce you to other local anime spots. Most importantly, mixing this part with the first, you can invite the friends you made on social media to these anime stores, which will be most useful for you.

    Finally, you can make anime friends from visiting anime conventions, events, and comic cons.

    This is by far the best one to do, and also the worst. It is the best to do because in anime conventions, you are meeting people who are probably dressed like anime characters. So you make friends while doing what you wanted to do with friends in the first place. However, it is the hardest because there usually is not that many anime conventions happening around. In fact in some countries, there is not even a single anime convention around.

    The best approach is a fusion of all these approaches.

    When you can make friends online, invite them to a store where you guys can meet for first time, then go to anime events together, you will be winning.

    Why Anime Fandoms Are About To Explode

    In the near future, anime is projected to grow in popularity, and it has been experiencing a steady increase in search queries on Google.

    An observation of the Google trends of anime shows that there has been a sudden increase in anime interest over the last couple of years.

    When you observe the search trends for anime online, you will find there has been a strong fluctuation. In 2004, there were barely any searches for anime on Google. The chart shows that in January 2004 search volume for anime was only 53. This went on much the same for 15 years, with searches even falling as low as 47 for November 2019. However, there was then seen a steady rise in search after this month. It culminated with the search with searches even reaching 100 for July 2021.

    Anime is projected to increase its market size by 9.7 %.

    There was a study performed by Grand view research on this topic. The study did an anime market analysis for 2022. What they discovered is that the anime marked is valued at 24.8 Billion dollars in 2021. Additionally, they predicted that there would be a compound annual growth rate of 9.7 %.

    Anime has also had a massive cultural impact, and it’s projected expansion will absolutely see the expansion of this impact.

    Statista is an organization that does statistical analysis, and they did that for North America. The discovered that the revenue of comics, and graphic novels in North America climber as high as 2 billion dollars. This is a significant growth from the precious amount which was 1.28 billion dollars in 2020. However, this pales when compared to the growth of manga. Over the space of 4 years, manga has managed to grow to the point of making 676 billion Japanese yen in 2021. This was a 63 billion yen growth in a year. That is 4 billion dollars

    This basically means manga grew at a far greater rate than anime dead, making it more lucrative.

    What Writers Can Learn From How Many Anime Fans There Are now, And It Is About To Explode.

    Its perfect time for writers. Practice book writing by sending practice stories to anime stations. Start your can anime production company. A lot of money to be made. A new market is about to emerge.

    Jeff Bezos saw early what was about to happen. You can too.