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Anime Archives - Mastering Arts and Charts

Fantasy vs Fiction: What is the Difference? (New 2024)

The difference between fantasy vs fiction is a simple one, yet a lot of people seem to not believe it exists. You May Also Like: What is Difference Between Fantasy And Fairy Tales? The primary difference between fantasy and fiction is the construction of their stories; fantasy stories are written so that the central conflict […]

Here Are The Best Fantasy Books For All Ages

The best fantasy books for all ages

When it comes to reading fantasy books, it is often best to do it in groups. You May Also Like: How To Read Fantasy? (A Beginners Guide To Getting Into Fantasy?) Of course, you may have stories that you enjoy by yourself, but sometimes you may read the same story together with other people. Especially […]

This is How Many Fans Anime has Now, And Why It’s About to Explode

Anime is popular all over the world today, and that we probably have not see anything yet. You May Also Like: These Are The Real Reasons Why Anime Is So Popular. (2023) There are a combined … million fans of anime in the world today. The country with the highest number of anime fans is […]

Can A Non-Japanese be an Awesome Mangaka? Here Are The Facts

Can A Non Japanese Person Make Manga

Comic books can come from anywhere on Earth. Why can’t mangakas? You May Also Like: Is The Kingdom Manga Worth Reading? Why is Kingdom So Popular? At this point, it would not be a shame if you ever wanted to be a mangaka? Anime is seen everywhere- from profile pictures, streaming services, and music to […]

Buying Manga: Is It Worth it? (and Here Are the Easiest Ways How To Do It)

Buying manga

Buying manga is the only way that you can properly enjoy the manga that you read. Manga is expensive to buy. This is not entirely true for people who are adults, and have a good source of income. However, manga is most popular amongst younger readers. Younger readers who usually do not have any job, […]

Why Is Manga So Expensive? (New 2024)

When is manga released

If you ever decided to buy your own manga, you will have noticed just how expensive the thing can be. Which of course leads to the question: why is manga so expensive? I have been a firm proponent for people starting to read manga. That has been spoken about a lot in this website. Yes, […]

Why Is Manga Read Backwards? (New 2024)

Why is manga read backwards

If you ever decide to pick up manga, the first thing you will notice is how hard it is to read the damned thing. Then, you may check out our article on how to read manga, and you will find that manga is read backwards. Which begs the question. Why is Manga Read Backwards? You […]

When Is Manga Released And Why? (New 2024)

So, you may have decided to start reading manga, which is understandable. I have been reading these comics for years now, and there hasn’t been a single time that I regretted picking it up. But you may be coming across a problem that I came across when I first started reading manga. You’ve finally caught […]

Is the One Piece Manga finished? Why Is One Piece So Long?

After all the One Piece content I’ve been writing, I couldn’t help but notice something. One piece manga is long. Now, this is something people complain about all the time when you suggest they watch One Piece. Is One Piece finished? Why is One Piece so long? And finally, why must the universe care so […]