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Buying Manga: Is It Worth it? (and Here Are the Easiest Ways How To Do It) - Mastering Arts and Charts

Buying manga is the only way that you can properly enjoy the manga that you read.

Manga is expensive to buy. This is not entirely true for people who are adults, and have a good source of income. However, manga is most popular amongst younger readers. Younger readers who usually do not have any job, thus making manga too expensive for them. Thus, it is understandable why some might hesitate to buy manga.

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Which is why I’d like to remind people it is possible to get manga for free.

Buying manga is worth it for writers, aspiring mangakas, and for people who wish to build a legacy. For writers, manga is worth buying because spending money on something makes you value it more. So you will find you will read it more when you buy it. For aspiring mangakas, it will help to have a full page size of the manga you create, so you can know what to make yourself. And for legacy. It is good to have manga to live to your kids and their own.

There are other reasons buying manga could be worth it. For example, if you buy enough manga, you could have a collection. You can then sell this collection to kids around your neighborhood, which should make everything easier for you.

All in all, buying manga is absolutely worth it. For those who need more explanation, and convincing, let’s get into it…

This article will discuss:

Table of Contents

    Read these FAQS about Buying Manga

    1. Is Buying Manga Worth It?

    Buying manga is absolutely worth it. A physical copy of your manga will allow you to appreciate it more, will offer you a place to practice drawing, and will give you something to possibly pass down to your kids.

    The best part about buying manga is that you will get a physical item.

    There are a number of uses for a physical item. The first is that you will be able to appreciate it more, which is a great psychological incentive for writers. It will make you learn as much as you can from the story so that you will be able to use it in your own story.

    The second benefit of a physical item is it gives you accurate proportions.

    You will never be able to go into a mangaka’s office, and watch them draw. The next best thing is to see a physical, accurate proportioned piece of theirs. Whether it is through tracing, or outlining the character’s bodies, then drawing them yourself, there is a lot you can do with this.

    Finally, a physical copy is a good expression of yourself, which people can socialize with.

    When you by physical manga, you will need to find a space to keep them after reading. Eventually, you will build your own private library. Later, when you meet loved ones – friends, partners, or kids – you can take them to your private library as the ultimate display of your trust for them. They will love it, and trust me, so will you.

    2. Why Should You Not Buy Manga?

    You should not buy manga if it will affect your budget, and cause hindrances in your other commitments.

    I have written before about anime addiction, and there could be a possible manga addiction.

    The primary symptom of addiction is not exuberant amounts of usage. There are a lot of people who listen to a lot of music everyday, or who watch a lot of movies yet are not considered addicted. Instead, the primary sign of addiction is when you take part in an activity to the detriment of your other necessities. e.g. eating in spite of your weight getting to big, and doing drugs in spite of the assignment you are supposed to be doing.

    So if you find yourself buying manga, in spite of the fact that you needed that money for something else, there is a problem.

    Manga is a leisurely experience first and foremost. However, to some people it could be their business, so they could find that they need to buy the manga. That’s the only case that buying manga in spite of your finances, but in every other cases – such as for school kids, and unemployed people – then it is better to not.

    3. Why Should You Buy Manga?

    You should buy manga in order to support the mangaka who created the manga.

    If you need any moral incentive, consider this – the mangaka makes 0 dollars on all the anime that is out there in the world.

    Whether it is on TV, streaming services, profile pictures, or memes/gifs – the average mangaka makes completely no amount of money from any of the anime that is our there in the world, and which you have most probably enjoyed. Anime is basically a whole advert – even if it is 23 minutes long, and 12 episodes wide for a full season. Instead, the mangaka makes money from the merchandise, game shops, and rights that the anime sold.

    Above all else, the mangaka makes money from the manga that the anime sold.

    So if you ever feel the need to directly support the mangaka, you should buy the manga. This will give the mangaka enough income so that they can continue making the manga that you love so much.

    4. Where to Buy Manga?

    The best place to buy manga is online. These are stores like amazon, and Takealot. However, you can also buy manga from your local stores.

    The first place you can buy anime is from the online stores.

    This is the best one, because it allows you to buy any manga that you want, and have it delivered to mostly everywhere. The online story that you can try first is Amazon, which will allow you to buy complete collections of manga. The next that you can try is Takealot, which will allow you to buy complete books.

    After that, the second place you can buy manga is from a physical store.

    This one tends to be a bit more complicated either because it is hard to find an online store, or maybe they can find the store just not the manga that they want. If you want to find a manga store, all you need to do is go online, and search for the manga store nearest to you. Then, just travel there, and get it.

    However, it is all dependent on your financial situation, so be considerate of you and your convenience.

    5. How Much Would It Cost To Buy Manga?

    On average manga tends to cost 10 dollars, which is a lot more expensive than your typical comic.

    The typical comic is about 3 dollars long. Yet, the manga is about 10 dollars long.