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Fantasy vs Fiction: What is the Difference? (New 2024)

The difference between fantasy vs fiction is a simple one, yet a lot of people seem to not believe it exists. You May Also Like: What is Difference Between Fantasy And Fairy Tales? The primary difference between fantasy and fiction is the construction of their stories; fantasy stories are written so that the central conflict is physically observable, while fiction stories do not always need the central conflict to be physically observable. Fantasy shows the physical conflict through things like the power system. That is the very basics of it all, but for more, you may read along. 1. Themes The first difference between fantasy and fiction is that fantasy themes tend to be visual shown through the magic system of the story, while fiction themes may be shown visual but are mostly shown through character actions. Fantasy stories tend to have physical interactive themes in the form of magic systems. The primary benefit of fantasy is that they can visually show things that other stories can’t. This is why most angry character’s tend to have fire based powers. This physical manifestation allows the characters in the story to be able to interact with each other, and the world, and the winner of these interactions shows us which is better. For example, a fire based angry character being defeated by a water based character could show the value of nurturing over destroying. Fiction’s themes on the other hand tend to be shown mostly through actions. In our article on how to find the theme of a story, we discussed how one of the methods is by observing the most requiring actions, and most requiring words. The most requiring words is often the theme stated out loud. However, the most requiring actions could tell us something similar – for example, if there are characters who forgive a lot in the story, this shows forgiveness is the theme of the book. In this way, fiction themes tend to deal with everyday situations like forgiveness, drugs or infidelity, while fantasy themes tend to teach deep virtuous things like honor, glory or friendship. 2. Characters The second difference between fantasy and fiction is that fantasy characters tend to be embodiments of virtuous flaws, while fiction characters tend to be embodiments of human flaws. Fantasy characters progressed in a way that makes their central conflict to revolve around principles of virtue. Character progression is the process of writing a character’s story arc, meaning you write their flaws and how they will overcome their flaws, and false beliefs in the story. Fantasy stories tend to write a virtuous problem as the core issue of the main characters. So throughout the stories, the character’s have to overcome their virtuous flaw in order to be able to overcome the enemy and their trials. For example, Jon Snow’s character progression is duty, Ned Stark’s character progression is honor, and Jamie Lannister’s character progression is honor. Fiction character’s though tend to embody human psychological embodiments. In fictional stories, the story explores experiences, and may teach morals that are more human/ behavioral, rather than being virtuous, and mystical. So you will find that the character progression of characters in stories tend towards the direction of human exploration. Fantasy shows these virtuous ideas in their stories. Through their character development, and design, the character’s virtue is shown. Their physical appearance, their backstory, and their motivations tend to be virtue bound. This allows the writer to be able to use the character’s in anyway that they want. Fiction on the other hand develops its characters in realistic ways. 3. Settings The third difference between fantasy and fiction is that fantasy settings are designed for the purpose of being explored by the readers, while fiction settings are not necessary. Fantasy story settings are often extravagantly designed, and detailed in their mechanics. The simple reason for this is that people read fantasy in order to be transported to an entirely new world. Unlike in other forms of fiction, the fantasy world can be as important if not more so, than the story. This is how you end up with places like middle earth. As a consequence, readers may want to enjoy the story just to explore these worlds. In contrast, fiction settings may not be as extravagantly made, and may only exist to house the characters, and show the themes of the story. The grand majority of fiction settings only exist to set the tone, and to facilitate the plot. That’s why movies like Seven have such a rainy city. This is to create that dirty, grimy tone which fits the crime of the story. It may also happen sometimes that a fiction story may have a world that shows the themes of the story. It is rare, but it can happen too. An example of this would be a story where the poor live at the bottom, while the rich live at the top. We see something similar in the Great Gatsby. 4. Point of view The fourth difference between fantasy and fiction is that fantasy tends to use a point of view that allows the reader to explore the world most intimately, while fiction may value point of viewers that allows the reader to explore the main character. Fantasy stories mostly take place from 3rd person limited perspective. The reason for this is fairly simple: this is the point of view that is most accommodating to world exploration. 3rd person omniscient would allow the reader to explore the world completely, but it would feel like reading a geography text book. 1st person would allow the reader to experience the main character’s feelings, but they’d be too restricted from the world. 3rd person limited allows you to strike the perfect balance: you get to have an intimate experience of the world. Fiction tends to have the widest variety when it comes to pov. Remember how fiction tends to embody human experiences in their character? This is also reflected in how these character/s view

Here Are The Best Fantasy Books For All Ages

The best fantasy books for all ages

When it comes to reading fantasy books, it is often best to do it in groups. You May Also Like: How To Read Fantasy? (A Beginners Guide To Getting Into Fantasy?) Of course, you may have stories that you enjoy by yourself, but sometimes you may read the same story together with other people. Especially in the case of family members. So, how can we get there? Fantasy books that are books for all ages are books like the “Stormlight archive” by Brandon Sanderson, “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling, and “Discworld” by Terry Pratchett. All these stories can be read together by big groups. Most importantly, they can be read together by families. Reading books together as a family can provide a perfect bonding experience for all members involved. “The Storm light Archive” Series by Brandon Sanderson “The Stormlight Archive” series is an American epic fantasy series written by Brandon Sanderson. In the planet of Roshar, there is a supercontinent where the main events of the series take places. This world has a number of unique ecological features, including high storms. It also has a unique magic system that allows the nations of the land to have super soldiers. Kind of like nuclear bombs for each nation. The story follows the characters of Kaladin, Shallan, Delinar, and Adolin as they go about their unique stories. Later the stories converge into a single mission that they must perform to prepare for the final climactic battle. There has been a lot of buzz about Brandon Sanderson in the writing space lately, and it is with good reason. Brandon Sanderson has a prose style that is not as refined as most famous writers. His stories do not have the depth in tone that stories like A Song Of Ice and Fire has, nor does it have the same shocking plot twists. However, Brandon Sanderson’s books have exploded in popularity. This is because they are great, and he is a great writer. The books have the deepest worldbuilding around. Brandon handles his character with delicate care, making stories with predictable plots be interesting for the character. He also addresses things like depression, and other things that some writers do not touch upon. Finally, he is a monster. His writing speed is easily unmatched. This book is safe for a family reading and it is also entertaining for all parties involved. “Harry Potter” Series by J.K. Rowling “Harry Potter” series is a series of eight fantasy books written by English author, J. K. Rowling. The Harry Potter series is a story that follows the adventures of young wizard, Harry Potter, and his 2 friends, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Most excitingly, the story takes place in the magical fantastic school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The primary story follows the conflict between Harry Potter, and his arch nemesis, Lord Voldermort, who is trying to overthrow the ministry of magic, and achieve eternal life, then subjugate all non-magic people (muggles). This is probably not the sort of thing that needs to be introduced. The Harry Potter series is one of the most selling franchises of all time. It’s success has led to it being one of the most known IPs in the world. Additionally, it made its writer, J.K. Rowling, into a billionaire. However, popularity does not take away the truth about the book. It is family friendly entertainment. “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Series by Rick Riordan “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series is an urban fantasy series of six books written by American writer Rick Riordan. This Percy Jackson and the Olympians series follows the story of one Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. In this universe, the Greek and Roman mythological gods are real. However, the Big Three gods – Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades – have taken a vow to never sire any more children with mortals. In the story, they take this vow because world war 2 was fought by their children. However, they failed, and Percy Jackson is born. Now he must flee monsters trying to kill him, and he goes to live at Camp Half-Blood, a training place at Long Island, New York, where he meets other Demigods like him. Reason This series is also about to receive a TV interpretation. The point here is that this series is also one of the most popular series around. As a consequence, it is not unlikely that you have not heard of it before. If you haven’t, then let me tell you exactly why this series is one of the best series to read. Firstly, it is a family friendly fun reading experience that everyone can enjoy. Percy Jackson is a story that is target towards mostly tweenagers. In fact, Rick wrote the story for his own son after he ran out of Greek mythology stories to tell the boy. Yes, the story does have some serious themes, such as domestic violence, and it does have violence in the form of monster’s being slain. However, it is more like Star war-sian violence. Basically, it is the sorts of violence that is not descriptive, and only exists to show how cool, and powerful the character is. So if you are uncomfortable with your child watching Star wars, then you are allowed to not read them this book. “Discworld Series” by Terry Pratchett “Discworld” series is a fantasy book series that was written by English author, Terry Pratchett. The story of Discworld is a story that takes place on the Discworld. This is a flat planet which is balanced on the backs of four elephants. These elephants themselves are also standing on the back of a giant turtle. The series has 41 books. Each of these books have their own lead characters, and these lead characters have their own story. This then allows each of the book to be diverse, and unique. In this way, Pratchett can parody classic works, and satirize real world issues. Reason This may also be a book

Buying Manga: Is It Worth it? (and Here Are the Easiest Ways How To Do It)

Buying manga

Buying manga is the only way that you can properly enjoy the manga that you read. Manga is expensive to buy. This is not entirely true for people who are adults, and have a good source of income. However, manga is most popular amongst younger readers. Younger readers who usually do not have any job, thus making manga too expensive for them. Thus, it is understandable why some might hesitate to buy manga. You May Also Like: Why Is Manga So Expensive? (New 2024) Which is why I’d like to remind people it is possible to get manga for free. Buying manga is worth it for writers, aspiring mangakas, and for people who wish to build a legacy. For writers, manga is worth buying because spending money on something makes you value it more. So you will find you will read it more when you buy it. For aspiring mangakas, it will help to have a full page size of the manga you create, so you can know what to make yourself. And for legacy. It is good to have manga to live to your kids and their own. There are other reasons buying manga could be worth it. For example, if you buy enough manga, you could have a collection. You can then sell this collection to kids around your neighborhood, which should make everything easier for you. All in all, buying manga is absolutely worth it. For those who need more explanation, and convincing, let’s get into it… This article will discuss: Read these FAQS about Buying Manga 1. Is Buying Manga Worth It? Buying manga is absolutely worth it. A physical copy of your manga will allow you to appreciate it more, will offer you a place to practice drawing, and will give you something to possibly pass down to your kids. The best part about buying manga is that you will get a physical item. There are a number of uses for a physical item. The first is that you will be able to appreciate it more, which is a great psychological incentive for writers. It will make you learn as much as you can from the story so that you will be able to use it in your own story. The second benefit of a physical item is it gives you accurate proportions. You will never be able to go into a mangaka’s office, and watch them draw. The next best thing is to see a physical, accurate proportioned piece of theirs. Whether it is through tracing, or outlining the character’s bodies, then drawing them yourself, there is a lot you can do with this. Finally, a physical copy is a good expression of yourself, which people can socialize with. When you by physical manga, you will need to find a space to keep them after reading. Eventually, you will build your own private library. Later, when you meet loved ones – friends, partners, or kids – you can take them to your private library as the ultimate display of your trust for them. They will love it, and trust me, so will you. 2. Why Should You Not Buy Manga? You should not buy manga if it will affect your budget, and cause hindrances in your other commitments. I have written before about anime addiction, and there could be a possible manga addiction. The primary symptom of addiction is not exuberant amounts of usage. There are a lot of people who listen to a lot of music everyday, or who watch a lot of movies yet are not considered addicted. Instead, the primary sign of addiction is when you take part in an activity to the detriment of your other necessities. e.g. eating in spite of your weight getting to big, and doing drugs in spite of the assignment you are supposed to be doing. So if you find yourself buying manga, in spite of the fact that you needed that money for something else, there is a problem. Manga is a leisurely experience first and foremost. However, to some people it could be their business, so they could find that they need to buy the manga. That’s the only case that buying manga in spite of your finances, but in every other cases – such as for school kids, and unemployed people – then it is better to not. 3. Why Should You Buy Manga? You should buy manga in order to support the mangaka who created the manga. If you need any moral incentive, consider this – the mangaka makes 0 dollars on all the anime that is out there in the world. Whether it is on TV, streaming services, profile pictures, or memes/gifs – the average mangaka makes completely no amount of money from any of the anime that is our there in the world, and which you have most probably enjoyed. Anime is basically a whole advert – even if it is 23 minutes long, and 12 episodes wide for a full season. Instead, the mangaka makes money from the merchandise, game shops, and rights that the anime sold. Above all else, the mangaka makes money from the manga that the anime sold. So if you ever feel the need to directly support the mangaka, you should buy the manga. This will give the mangaka enough income so that they can continue making the manga that you love so much. 4. Where to Buy Manga? The best place to buy manga is online. These are stores like amazon, and Takealot. However, you can also buy manga from your local stores. The first place you can buy anime is from the online stores. This is the best one, because it allows you to buy any manga that you want, and have it delivered to mostly everywhere. The online story that you can try first is Amazon, which will allow you to buy complete collections of manga. The next that you can try is Takealot, which will allow you to buy

How To Write Politics In History (New 2024)

So you want to write a world with as much politics, and intrigue as A Game Of Thrones? Well then my friend you have come to the right place. You May Also Like: How To Write An Engrossing World And Sympathetic Characters? (New 2024) For years, I have been puzzled by the phenomena of A Game Of Thrones. This book is not like any of the popular fantasy stories. So I was always curious as to what made it so great. One of the answers I’ve come up with is that the series had an interesting political system. This allowed the story to be innovative in a lot of ways. Then, I set out trying to discover how to recreate the exact same thing. This is what I have been able to find. In order to write a political story, you must first create a prize. This attracts a number or peoples. After that, create a group who are the only ones who can attain and use the prize, thus the only ones chasing after it. Then, create characters who would want that prize due to their internal character flaws. Following that stage, you can add in other elements to make it feel more solid. For example, you could add in additional external enemies that threaten the group in its totality. Then, you can add in a method of fighting that the players fighting for the prize can use. e. g. votes, familiar birth rights, or even out right soldiers. Finally, it would help to have the winner in mind, that way you can add in extra unpredictable turns in the story to make it exciting. However, these will all only work if you have those first 3: the prize, the board, and the players of the board. Let’s get exactly into what all of these mean. Make a Prize The first step to writing great politics is to create a prize or goal that all the characters in the story want to attain. The prize is the ultimate goal that all the characters which to achieve, which has some sort of power that it can grant whoever manages to attain it. In all politics, there is a position that people want to attain. However, in real life it is president. In fiction it can be something like Kingship. This prize could either be a position, or it can be a possession. However, what they have in common is that they can help whoever attains it reach a new level of power in the world. With this new level of power, they can now operate on a new level, and possibly destroy all rivals. Thus running for that prized position is not about gaining power, but also about defense. If you are to rest and let your enemies get it, they will kill you will it. Action step: Create a position that has specific powers. Maybe they have all power like kings, or power over specific forces like the peasants, the elites, or the military. It could even be a purely magically thing, such as a gauntlet that gives them power over nature, thus they can control harvest. Whatever it may be, it is useful to have, Make the Board The second step to creating politics is to create a specific group which can be the contenders, and everyone outside of this group can’t play. You need to create a group of contenders who can achieve the power, and make everyone else remain outside of this group. The reason for this is that you do not want everyone being potentially capable of attaining the prize. This will bloat out your story by adding to many characters. Also, it will lead to plot inconsistencies. Many people will wonder multiple times over why x does not just do z. That is now what you want. So create a select group. However, there are certain groups that could hinder you. For example, a group that is only composed of blood ties is not a good group. For example, saying that the children of this family are the only ones who can get the prize. That would hinder you. You can do it successfully, such as in Succession. But remember that Succession ends with a none family member being CEO. The best groups are the ones that are joined, such as the small council. They can be joined by anyone from anywhere, provided they have enough power. This means that you can now create an interesting diverse group of characters. Action step: Consider who can get the prize you want. Now create a group for them to join, rather than be born into. You can learn how to create character groups here. Make The Players Of The Board The third step to creating politics in a story is to start adding in the sort of characters who would be interesting in chasing the goal that you want. Now you will need to create the characters who would most benefit from the prize, in order to start creating a feeling of suspense. If you have your prize, and you have your group of characters who can attain the prize, but only one of them really needs it, the story will be predictably. It will be clear that the story will end with that character winning. So in order to avoid this, you need to make your story more complicated than that. The easiest way to do this is to make your character all have compelling reasons for wanting the prize. Examples Of Prizes You can make one want the prize to save his daughter from slavery, another want the prize in order to save the country, and another want to prize in order to defeat the enemies coming from the south which everyone else does not believe exist. This complication of motives, and desires will make the reader appreciate the complexity of the story. Thus they will know that who ever wins will be

Why Is Manga So Expensive? (New 2024)

When is manga released

If you ever decided to buy your own manga, you will have noticed just how expensive the thing can be. Which of course leads to the question: why is manga so expensive? I have been a firm proponent for people starting to read manga. That has been spoken about a lot in this website. Yes, anime is a lot of fun, however there are a great many benefits one gets from reading manga. So, this could have convinced a number of people to start reading manga. In which case, I feel it is only fair that I explain a couple of truths to that group of people. Manga can be expensive. Not that it costs you your kidneys or anything, but it can be quite pricey. You May Also Like: When Is Manga Released And Why? (New 2024) Why is that the case? Manga is expensive because it takes a lot of to produce the manga that is created, and also because it has to make up for the rights that the anime gives away. Manga is produced by a mangaka, and their publishing company. The mangaka spends a lot of time trying to produce manga, usually at a weekly basis. When the manga is created, the publishing company must print on papers, and sell these copies. This takes a lot of money and requires the price to be high so that whoever made this can make their money back. So then the question becomes how can you get manga that is not as expensive as this one? Today, we live in the digital age. As a results, there a number of ways one could legally read free manga. Provided one wanted to. If that one is you, then stick around to learn more. Why Is Manga So Expensive? Manga is expensive because the manga that is sold needs to make the money that the publishing company spent in creating the manga. Additionally, there is the problem of shipping overseas, and since manga comes from Japan, it tends to be more expensive for the people buying from outside the country. The production costs of manga are extremely high. Mangaka are the people who create manga. They need to create the manga at a fast pace, usually all alone. As we covered in our differences between manga and comics article, this means that there needs to be a team. In American comic books they can take a month making a single comic and working together. In Manga, a single mangaka creates the story, and pencils the draft. When they are done, other people come in and pencil the work for them. This whole creation process is expensive, because these people need to be paid. Then, you have the shipping costs. Most manga tend to be expensive because it takes a lot of money for the manga to be shipped overseas. There are also some taxes that need to be paid when things arrive. All this comes together to make a manga buying experience that is quite costly. How Much Does Manga Usually Cost? Most manga tend to be around 10 dollars and above for non-Japanese countries. To put things into perspectives, the average comic book usually starts at around 4 dollars. So yes, manga can be a lot more expensive then you typical comic book. Is There A Cheaper Way to Read Manga? You could read free manga online in a number of sites, or you could buy cheap manga easily from specific sites online. The good news are, we do not live in the stone age anymore. Basically, this means that the shipping costs have gone down dramatically. On top of that, the costs of production have also gone down. Due to the fact that people can now draw on screens, it means that less money is spent on publishing papers, and the likes. Thus, there are now 2 cheaper ways that one could access manga: 1 they could do it for free, or 2 they could do it by buying the manga they want. First we will look at how you can buy manga at a cheaper price. There are certain websites where you can read the first few chapters for free, then you can finally buy the manga you want. These are websites like Crunchyroll, and even a Shonen Jump app. (Shonen Jump is the magazine that publishes these manga). Secondly, reading manga for free. There are also apps where you can read manga for free. These are apps such as manga plus. Once you have mastered reading manga at a price you are comfortable with, you will be that much closer to mastering mastery.

What Is The Right Age To Write A Book? (New)

The right age to write a book

Writing a book can be a bit intimidating for people. Many question their skills, and their resolve, while others go a step farther. Others may even begin to question their age. This is understandable, as there is an age for most specialized professions. For example, athletes are often expected to be in their 20s, while people like Presidents are often expected to be above 50 years old. You May Also Like: How To Start, Writing, And Finish A Story/Book? (New) That’s because at each age range, the human body is strong at a certain aspect, be it intelligence, experience, or just athleticisms. So which age range is perfect for writing? Which age is the best to be a writer? The right age to start writing novels is about 25 years old. The thing is writing is not exactly age focused. The writer of Frankenstein was 19 when she penned her work. In the process, she created an entirely new genre of work. Additionally, the Tolkien was 45 years old when he debuted The Hobbit, which is the prelude to the epic, ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, a book series that reinvigorated the fantasy genre, and made him be dubbed the father of fantasy. The point is that the age is not exactly relevant. Instead, 3 things are relevant; learning to be productive when they write so they can actually finish their book, learning to have proper writing skills, and finally, learning to make the time to write. However, the number 25 was not chosen at random. There may possibly be an age where you can teach yourself these 3 skills so you can best write, according to the numbers at least. Let’s get into the details of what I mean. 1. Is There A Right Age To Be A Writer? The right age to begin writing a novel is 25 years. Now of course you may wonder where I got this number. A study found that the average age of when authors first get published is about 36 years old. Another study found that most authors say that it took them 11.5 years before their first work was published. So, putting this to facts together, what do we get? It must be that the average writer begin working on their books at 25.5 years old. However, this does not mean you have to either. There are 3 main skills that are required to be a successful author, and these skills could explain why people wrote at the age they did (25 years). Also, they explain why you do not have to. As long as you master these, you can begin writing your book at any time, and even publish it in a quicker time period. Three skills The three skills required to write a book are: Time Management Skill Writing a book can take up to 6 months, or even more. And it is 6 months of writing everyday, so there is no time to relax. A lot of people do not have the skills to create this time. They are always busy with work, and school, or other things, instead of their writing. So, they leave writing to the side. Yet, Tolkien managed to write his books while he was a father of a family, and a college professor. It can be done. You just need to learn how to create time to write your books. Productivity Skills The second problem people could face is dealing with things like procrastination, lack of motivation, or just a lack of clear directions. You could find a way to make at least 5 more hours in your day, but it could still be pointless. You could find yourself just sitting there the whole 5 hours, and not writing something. That’s if you are lucky. Some people will promise to do it at 10, then 10:30, then 11, and finally, the whole 5 hours is elapsed, and they never even sat at their work space. On top of time making skills, you need to learn how to be productive, so you can actually begin writing and working on your stories. Writing Skills Finally, you will need to learn how to write a good book. After you can make time to write, and when you have that time, you actually sit down and write, you will need to learn how to write something captivating. How to write a unique story, with a unique world, charming characters, and the type of story that will make people do fan art, and print your books cover to past on the bed posts. The skill to write that story comes naturally to most people who were already willing to suffer, learning how to make time to write, and how to make themselves productive. But if it doesn’t, now you already have the time, and the space to learn just how to do it, so there is a win. People who are 25 are at the age where they do not have that much responsibility, yet have developed their brain enough that they can now learn responsibility and productivity. Then they spend 11.5 years learning how to write a good stories. But with modern day internet resources, you can learn these things so quickly, you could write books at any age, and in a short amount of time. 2. What Is The Youngest Age To Write A Book? The youngest age a person wrote a book was 4 years, and 356 days. The youngest person to ever writer a book was Dorothy Straight, who was 4 years old at the time she wrote her book, ‘How The World Began’. To be fair, Dorothy was not exactly a normal child. Yes she had the mental functioning, and behavior of a normal child. After all that’s what led to the writing of this book. Like any curious child, Dorothy asked a lot of questions. Eventually, she asked her mother how the world came to be. Being an evangelical Christian, her

How To Read fantasy (Beginners Guide In Getting Into Fantasy)

Fantasy Books

With it’s new found popularity, fantasy has now gained a number of fans. Now they are wondering how to read fantasy books, so they can start enjoying their favorite TV shows in their book form. Then you have come to the right place. You May Also Like: How To Spot A Good Fantasy Book? (New 2024) There are a few parts that go into the statement ‘getting into fantasy’. First, it could be that the person is wondering how they can get into fantasy in general. Meaning, how can they learn to start liking reading these books. However, in this article, we will deal with the second type of getting into fantasy. This type is learning how to get into reading, and finishing fantasy books in general. Learning the skill of reading fantasy. So its sort of like learning to eat rice and learning to appreciate the different types of rice versus learning how to eat rice, and learning how to hold the spoon to eat it. We are learning how to hold the spoon. So, how can you learn how to read fantasy? You can learn to read fantasy by first reading books of fantasy books you’ve watched first. Then, you can progress to reading books adjacent to that one. Finally, you could attempt to listen to an audiobook, which requires less energy from your end. That should be enough to get you in the mood of reading fantasy. However, if you want more detailed instructions, you may read on. 1. Read The Books Of Shows You Have Watched The first way to learn how to read fantasy is by first reading the fantasy book version of shows that you have already watched. This is probably the best version because this allows you to not have to train your mental projection much. Instead, you can focus on learning how to follow words you read. Reading fiction requires you to entire an almost meditative state. You allow you mind to wonder, and you almost lose sense of your body. This gives that pleasant sensation of immersion in the story, which is the feeling that you want if you intend on enjoying the story. However, this part is the hardest part for beginners to do. That’s why it helps to read something you have already seen before. The meditative state is facilitated by you imagining what the character’s you are reading about look like. By imaging what all the things being described look like. This is why it is useful for you to use the TV shows to your advantage. You can happily watch a TV show that will show you a rough idea of the reading that you are doing. So the first thing you should try is reading a TV show fantasy story you have already watched. 2. Choose Other Books You Like The second step to start reading fantasy is reading a book that you are starting to enjoy. Reading a fantasy book that you enjoy can be very helpful when it comes to entering the meditative reading stage. After you finish reading one book, you will have had more than enough practice on how to enter that meditative state of reading. At this point, you probably cannot enter it at will. So you will still read with some more training wheels. So, you should start reading another fantasy story that is similar to the one of the show you enjoy. I have already covered how to find the best fantasy books to read that are tailored for you, so here I will explain why that will help you. This will help you because when you read a story that is most tailored for you, you actively want to enter that meditative state. So it helps you. When you finish at least 2 books reading like this, I can boldly say you are a master of entering the meditative state. Thus, you can probably read a lot more books. So you are ready to move on to the next stage. 3. Read With Earphones On The third thing you could do to get into reading fantasy is to start reading fantasy while listening to the audio book of the book you are reading. What separates the best readers from beginners is how long one can stay in that state of constant reading, and meditation. This state can be trained using this technique. I have a horrible confession to make. I have not read The Lord Of The Rings. I know, crucify me. But before you do, let me explain that now I have. I absolutely get what all the buzz was about. I enjoyed the story immensely. In fact, I don’t understand why everyone said it would be so hard to read, when in fact it was enjoyable. Or maybe it was the cheat code I used. I read the book while listening to the audio book. This allowed me to read the entire trilogy in under 5 days. That’s exactly the kind of results you can get with this technique. Looking at the time, and the length of the audio book, you can calculate how long it will take to finish the reading. If you take long than the calculated time, than you should work on improving your patience, and your concentration. 4. Watch Reviews Of The Books You Have Read, And Engage In The Community The fourth technique you could use to read fantasy is to start watching reviews of the books that you have read, engage in the community, answering the questions the bring up, and giving your own opinions. In order to truly appreciate the stories you have read, it helps to engage in the fantasy community. They will help you feel the hype for the next book, and help you enjoy the previous book you have just read. There are a lot of communities you can meet of fantasy online. The best are found on YouTube, so you should look there. These

“I Hate Fantasy” – 10 Good Reasons Why People Hate Fantasy

Fantasy Books Are Sometimes Hated

There are a lot of reasons that people have to hate fantasy. This is just a form of a complement. Fantasy is one of the most popular genres of all time. Whether it is on the big screen, the little screen, cartoons, or books, you will find one thing; fantasy stories. Everyone is always watching magic powered people doing magic powered things, all over the world. So it is only natural that there would be more opinions than just positive, from the exposure that people have of fantasy. You May Also Like: “I Hate Fantasy” – 10 Bad Reasons Why People Hate Fantasy A good reason why people hate fantasy could be how fantasy tends to push extremely strict racial stereotypes, and how fantasy magic can often be used to negate any stakes within the story. These are the most obvious, but other reasons why people may hate fantasy could include: a dislike of the fantasy fan’s over enthusiasm, the repetitive nature of some fantasy tropes, the meandering nature of some books, and maybe even the length of some stories. In general, people just do not like stories that shoot themselves in the foot with their indulgences. This is an unfortunate weakness most unique to fantasy, for reasons that we will discuss. On top of these, there are a lot of other reasons of course, but in this article, we will be going over these specific reasons. We will also go over more reasons, and get into details. So, let’s get into it: 1. It’s fans The first good reason people have to hate fantasy is sadly enough, its fans. Fantasy fans can be one of the most enthusiastic fans around. There is nothing wrong about that. But I believe everybody appreciates that harassment can be annoying, and frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately, a lot of fantasy fans can fall into this category. I grew up as, and still am, a massive fantasy fan myself. Growing up, I never had any people around me who I could talk to about the fantasy stories that I enjoyed. This meant I was lonely yes. But, it also meant that if there was even the slightest glimpse of interest in my passions from someone, I would would rain on them like a waterfall. Eventually, people draw away from all that has to do with you, and with fantasy. They begin to associate fantasy with the fan’s own exhausting excitement. Which may make people not want to deal with them anymore. What could be said is that people should try not to judge a property just because of an unpleasant experience they had with something adjacent to it. I can’t start hating McDonald’s because I stumbled and fell outside their doors. It just would not be fair. 2. It Pushes Stereotypes The second good reason people have to dislike fantasy is because it tends to standardize stereotypes, and lock people into specific positions. Fantasy books tend to have stereotyped races, characters, and people, which is a little uncomfortable. We all know about the senseless cruel orc. Or about the graceful, ever good, and perfect elves. The point is that fantasy tends to have a lot of stereotyping of entire groups, and even worse, races. They then assign powers to specific races, while others can’t have any powers. This is somewhat awkward. So, it can be a far enough reason for people to find themselves uninterested in fantasy. However, this fact tends to be even worse from a literary writing technique level. 3. It’s repetitive The third good reasons people could have for disliking fantasy is that it is too repetitive. Which is also a bit far. Fantasy stories tend to have a lot of similar characters, places, and even plot points. This could make people tired easily from reading to much, and make them hate fantasy. So, we have already spoken about how fantasy tends to have stereotypical races, groups, and characters. However, fantasy may also have stereotypical places. For example, we recently went over why most fantasy stories tend to take place in medieval Europe, and we also spoke about how there are new fantasy books being made that do not take place there. But the truth remains the same: fantasy stories tend to show the same repetitive things. This can hurt stories in their telling. 4. It Is Too Long The fourth reason why people could hate fantasy is because the books are too long. Fantasy books are some of the longest books that are being released in recent times. The longest fiction books that I’ve read are fantasy books. These books are extremely fun to read. However, I’d be a liar, liar, pants of fire if I claimed that I did not find myself being weighed down a number of times. These books are long as hell. And even worse, they do not even have to be sometimes. 5 It Is Meandering The fifth reason why people tend to hate fantasy books is because fantasy books tend to be so long, and meandering that some parts of the books just lead to no where of consequence. Fantasy books can have some elements of them that are long for no reason, instead they just have characters walking around in circles getting nothing done. Oathbreaker, and A Wise Man’s Fear were some of the most anticipated books. When they were finally released, and first, reviews showed that people enjoyed the books. However, it was only a matter of time before not so pleasant reviews came out. These were all complaining about the same thing. The books were meandering. Now, this could be something surprising to hear. These are books written by arguably the best writers of our generation. Yet, they had these obvious slumps in them. However, it is not so surprising, considering this is fantasy we are talking about. Fantasy stories tend to create their own massive world, and the only way this world can be shown to the reader is

How To Choose The Best Books To Read For You (New 2024)

The best fantasy books to read

So, you have just finished a fantastic book, and you want to know where to find the best books to read so you can be kept busy again. You have come to the right place. You May Also Like: Fantasy Books: Here Are The Top 20 Best Strange Places To Find Ones Tailored For You So, where can you go to find the best books for you to read? If you want to find books to read that fit your tastes, it is best to go find the comparisons made by book critics of the same book. Most books tend to have a comparisons list in order to make choosing the book easier for literary agents, so that they will not have to read the entire book. As a reader, you can use this to your advantage to find books that are compared to the one you want to read. That is one approach that you can take to find books that are good for you, but it is definitely not the only way. For other techniques that you can use to find these books, you can read on this article. 1. Book Critics To Find Comparisons The first place to look for books to read that fit your taste is by looking at the comparisons list for your books. Book comparisons are used everywhere in the writing industry, since they make the while process easier for both writers, agents, editors, and publishers. You can use these comparisons as a reader as well. If you have ever written, and published a book, you will know by now just how often comparisons tend to come up in the writing industry. People will ask you what comparisons do you have for your book in your query letter. Then later the editor is going to ask you for the comparisons. Finally, you publish your book. Now, you will have to work with a marketing team, who will also ask you for a comparisons list. Then what is this comparison list that we hear so much about? Harry Potter can be described as Lord Of The Rings in a High school drama. Invincible is a mix of Superman, and the Boys. The First Law Trilogy is often described as a Game Of Thrones story that has been completed. That is what a book comparison is. What other books the current book is similar too. So if you want to find out which other books are like the ones you have just finished, its easy. A simple search of what the literary agents, writers, or marketers compared the book to will tell you where you should be reading next. 2. Literary Agent The second way that you can find books to read that are similar to the one you just finished is by trying to find the literary agent who worked on that specific book you like, and then going to read other works represented by that specific agent. Literary agents are usually the best place for a person to go to next if they want to be able to find books to read that are interesting to them. But what is a literary agent? A literary agent is the person who takes a writers work, and goes to publishers to offer the persons work there. Generally speaking, most publishers do not accept work directly from the writers, other wise they would have to sift through mountains of work. So, they only accept potential books from literary agents. The literary agents read the books themselves, and if they become a fan of a book, they then take the book to the publisher. The thing is though, the literary agent usually works with a number of writers, and books. They tend to start liking specific types of books. So, they tend to represent the same types of books. A simple trick that you can use to find books to read is to simply go out there and find what the literary agents had worked on before. Then, you will often find books that are similar to the one that you want to read at that moment in time. 3. Cover artists The third thing that you could do which will assist you in finding books to read is by trying to search for the cover artists of the book, and then try to find other works that the cover artists had worked on. Cover artists are the people who draw the cover page of a book, and find other works that they have done, which will more often than not be similar in topic to the one that they worked on there. So, what are cover artists? Cover artists are the people who are hired by the marketing team of a book, though they could also just be hired directly by the publishers for traditional publishing. They are required to do an image for the book. The image usually displays either a character, a setting, or a scene in the story. It’s up to the artist what they will do, though usually they get cue cards. But the point here is that, the artists usually have to be somewhat familiar with the book, and they tend to choose works that they feel like match their art style. Thus, the artists usually develop a certain pattern to their drawing, and their book selections, leading to a pattern you can take advantage of, and use to your advantage. By following the artists work, you will have a good idea of what to read next. 4. Author Inspirations The fourth best place to find books to read is by looking into what were the inspirations of the author when they were making that specific story. All authors have a form of inspiration which led them to write the story that they wrote at that specific moment. Then of course, there are the book critics who will observe and read a book, then draw upon possible inspirations for the

Fantasy books: Here are the Top 10 Best Strange Places to Find Ones Tailored for you

Where to find fantasy books to read

The worst feeling is running out of fantasy books to read. This is the sort of hell I used to suffer in my teens, but now, I do not really have that problem. Not only do I always have a book to read, but it is often the exact type of book that I like. Almost like it is tailored to my preferences. You May Also Like: Why Fantasy So Popular? (New 2024) Which is what we will be teaching here. Just where can a person find new fantasy books to read that are perfect for them, and not awkward? The best place to find new fantasy books that are tailored for your individual reading experiences is by looking for the agent of the book, and finding other books the literary agent of the book worked on. The next 3 best places are reviews, where you can find comparisons of the books, fantasy awards, where you can find other books that won the same award as your book, and social media, where you can see the books other readers compare your favorite with. With these techniques you will find that you literally never run out of books to read. However, other people may need more detailed places, and steps on just how to find these books. If that is you, fellow friend, read along. 1. Find Fantasy Books In Reddit The first place to look for great, complementary fantasy books to read is reddit. Reddit is an open platform that allows writers, and readers access without any sort of barrier to entry. This is perfect. Most other reading spaces, even the ones we will discuss here, have a barrier to entry. For example, only readers look at review sites. Also, only writers may visit publishing magazines. However, when it comes to reddit, everyone chimes in. In this way it means that reddit becomes the most democratic place for book recommendations. Both book readers, and writers go to reddit to go into deep conversations about books that they know. They discuss all things, from theories, reviews, and predictions, to disappointments, wishes, and what they hope to see next. Action step: If you are looking for a fantasy book to read, go to google, and search whichever fantasy book you have read, and ask similar books to it, then end with reddit. For example, “Books similar to Harry Potter reddit”. Copy that template, and paste to your search bar, and just rewrite the book you are searching, and you will get interesting results. 2. Comment Sections Is Where You Can Find Fantasy Books The second place your can look for complementary fantasy books from is comment sections. Comment sections also feature a wider range of access, but with the additional benefit of being laser focused on the specific book you are interested in. There is a main advantage with this one, and a main disadvantage. So let us discuss those before we get into how you can use comment sections to find the books that you want. The main advantage is that comment sections exist directly under the book that you are interested in. Whether in YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, comment sections always exist directly under the property you are interested in. This means that you get people discussing the property you are interested in. The main disadvantage though is that this means they are not necessarily speaking about complementary books, they are only speaking about the books that they are speaking about at that moment. In a comment section about A Little Hatred, you will find people talking about the characters, and plot points. Not about which books are similar to that one. So how can you use these comment sections to find complementary books? Action steps: The first step is to decide which comment section works best for you. Social media, or a place like YouTube. I advise you go to social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, then search the book you are interested in. The second step is to browse. Usually, you may get someone saying that this story reminds them of another. If that does not work, try step three: Just ask. Say something like “Hey, do you guys know any books like this one?” or “Which books would you say best resemble this one?” 3. Meetnewbooks The third ways of finding contemporary fantasy books is to look for them in meetnewbooks. is a website that helps you discover the books that you are interested in which have the exact tastes that you are interested in. This one is probably one of the best ways of finding a new book that you are interested in. It has a website that you can visit to try and find the book that you are interested in. On top of that, they even have an app that you could use in your search for a new book. Action steps: You just go to the website. On the home page, there is a search bar, with the header ‘What Would You Like To Read’. All you need to do is type in the book that you want, the themes that you are interested or the genres that you are interested in. You can even mix those if you want and search for things that you find interested in e.g. Romance Fantasy. On top of all these features, meetnewbooks has some other interesting features, such as a personalized recommendations section. The ore books that you rate, and add to your shelves, the more they will start giving books just like that one. So, a win win situation. 4. Storygraph Is Where You Can Find Fantasy Books The fourth way you can find fantasy books that are tailored for your reading experience is by using storygraph. Storygraph is a website, and app that provides you with books that are tailored to your needs. Their slogan says it all, “Because Life’s Too Short For A Book You’re Not In The Mood