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When Is Manga Released And Why? (New 2024) - Mastering Arts and Charts

So, you may have decided to start reading manga, which is understandable.

I have been reading these comics for years now, and there hasn’t been a single time that I regretted picking it up. But you may be coming across a problem that I came across when I first started reading manga.

You’ve finally caught up, and now you are waiting for the next chapter to come out, and it dawns on you. You haven’t the slightest clue when the next chapter is going to come out.

Every once in a while you discover a new chapter, but it seems they are sent at random days throughout the year.

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When is new manga released? And why is it released at the time it is released?


New manga chapters are either released on a weekly basis, bi-weekly basis, or a monthly basis. These are easier to distinguish each other, since you can do that by just reading the name of their publishing company.

If it has a weekly in it, then it probably comes out weekly. If it has a monthly in it, then the chapters probably come out on a monthly basis. However, if you can’t find the publisher name, then you can always go online and find a common fandom.

These can be found on places like reddit, or YouTube. Then, you can just watch the reaction videos, or review videos. These will tell you when the chapters are released, since most reviews and reactions come out a day or two following the release of the chapter.

Additionally, you could always just ask in the comment sections or the forums when a manga chapter is released.

Now of course this is a simplified take on the issue, and if you are interested in a more detailed breakdown, then allow me to get to breaking it down for you.

Table of Contents

    How Do You Know When Manga Is Released?

    To find out when a new manga is released you could always use the website bookmarking option, and other tracking options that you receive on a manga app or manga website.

    There are 3 main methods you can use to keep track of new manga releases.

    The first is you can just find out what the publisher of the manga is. This is important because manga are released along with the magazine. So if the magazine releases a new one on a weekly basis, then you know your specific comic will be released weekly.

    If it releases on a monthly basis, then you know that your manga will come out on a monthly basis.

    The second method is to use the manga accounts to your advantage.

    Although it can seem rather tedious, there are some advantages to creating accounts for manga apps, and websites. The main advantage is that every time a new chapter is released, you will be informed about it by the app or website.

    The third way is to simply write down the day these comic books was released, and store it in a private folder. You could use things like word, notion, or bookmark manager to manage the release dates.

    Bookmark even opens directly to the page that you may wish to read.

    How Often Do New Releases Come Out?

    New manga comes out on a weekly or monthly basis.

    As covered previously, the manga comes out with the magazine.

    Most magazine choose to release these comics on a monthly, or weekly. But there have been instances where these specific comics were released on a bi-weekly basis. Also, it’s not uncommon for authors to take a break for a week, or a month. This means the readers will have to wait before a new chapter is released.

    Why Do Manga Release At The Time They do?

    Manga is released at the time they are released at because they have to be released with a magazine issue.

    There are 2 main reasons these comics are released at the time they are released at.

    Firstly, manga come out in a magazine filled with other manga. This magazine publisher is on its own schedule. These comics must meet this schedule whether the author likes it or not. So, as a result, most of these comics are released on a monthly, or weekly basis, depending on the specific comic.

    The second reason manga are released at the time they are released at is because these comics are very hard to produce.

    The author needs to come up with the story, plan out the storyboard for the chapter, pencil it, ink it, then finally scan into the computer. Finally, the comic is put together and released. This consumes a lot of time. Even with the author have an entire retinue of assistants to help them with their work.

    As a consequence, these comics can’t be released on a daily basis. Instead it must make do with this arrangement.

    Once you have mastered the release schedule of these manga, you will be able to enjoy them easier. This takes you that much closer to mastering mastery.